Our Photography Approach


Daytime Photography

This is a sequence of photography styles from the same project. Sometimes a home, listing or project requires photography sessions at different times of day to capture its beauty. A home at 9am can look completely different at 9pm.

Daytime is our most common photography style. This creates bright photos with sun shadows, commonly blue sky, and natural vibrant colors. Click above for our gallery.

Twilight Photography

Twilight photography is our second most popular photography style. The “twilight” hour required to shoot this technique is very short in the winter and longer in the summer. Windows glow with yellowish-orange hues. Shadows are minimal. Simply put, twilight shots create drama.

Aerial Photography

Aerial, or now commonly known as drone photography is a great way to illustrate a properties location, setting or size. From elevation it is difficult to understand the size of the parcel or lot, but from above it tells a different story. A buyer can now appreciate it better.


More on Photography Styles


Although the time of day is important when photographing a home, consider the season. The following is a sequence of photos from the same project shot in two different seasons; winter and summer.

The following is an example of the same project photographed three different times: once in the spring, once in the fall, and once at twilight.

Close-ups + Vignettes

Taking a moment to push into an object or architectural feature can be effective when photographing a home and showing off its elements. The first photo is a massive staircases and the second photo shows an element to the staircase that a buyer or viewer might not have caught. It requires different lenses and a steady hand or tri-pod.

To Stage or not to Stage

The answer to us is simple. A staged home by a professional designer or staging company can bring out the best in the home or listing. For example, a staged home with neutral colors can appeal to a wider buyer pool. It lets a buyer imagine themselves in the home rather than looking at the seller’s belongings. A vacant home can benefit from staging so a buyer can imagine furniture placement and arrangment. Check out the differences below.

Before & After

Many realtors that we work with have a full team of contractors who prep a listing before it goes on the market. This is a great opportunity to photograph its progress. This is a sequence from the same project showing before & after photos.

Can You Photoshop That?

Sometimes there are obstacles that are unavoidable. Our photographers have the ability to “Photoshop” things out of photos. We are not allowed to remove power lines or near-by buildings, but sometimes objects that aren’t fastened can be edited. Inquire about pricing for “photoshop” work.